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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Louis' Story

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My name is Louis.  Many Sundays ago, I was so inspired by the pictures and the talks about the kids at the orphanage in Honduras that I wanted to go around my neighborhood door-to-door and ask for change.  So my Mom and I made up a flyer in yellow writing that said, “Would you like to donate some money in my bucket so I could send it to kids at an orphanage in Honduras so they can go to school and live a happy life?”  I made a bucket with a slot in it and my Mom and I rode our bikes through our neighborhood door-to-door.  It was lots of FUN!!

By the time we were done, we counted all the money and I had collected $33.11 from my generous neighbors.  I then gave it to Ms. Simon to be given to the kids in Honduras.

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