Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stacey Wiles' Story

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For many children in Honduras home is not a safe or stable environment. Parents are alcoholics and/or engaged with drugs. This creates many damaging psychological effects on children.  Children that are in those types of homes become abandoned, therefore, they find themselves living on the streets.  Being placed in public schools surrounds children within a negative environment. This encourages children to be involved in risky behavior such as stealing, drinking, doing drugs, and engaging in violence.  If children continue to be enrolled in these schools and form negative relationships they will grow up to be like their families and it will be a viscous cycle of broken homes.

H.O.M.E. is an organization that provides disadvantaged orphans in Honduras with a private Christian education to help them build life skills, character, and a solid foundation in Christ.  This service is needed to help end the vicious cycle of poverty which leads to a sense of desperation with the only outlet being crime and other self-destructive behaviors. Our two primary foci are to provide education which can help the orphans find jobs and be able to provide for themselves. Our Christian orld-view provides them with hope, motivation, and a sense of perseverance.

I became interested in Honduras after going on my first short term mission trip with LLF in 2007.  The following summer I went backpacking through Central America with a friend.  Most of our time was spent living with a host family in Honduras.  Our host family works at an orphanage in San Lorenzo and they invited us to visit.  While I was there I taught English to the orphans.  I fell in love with the orphanage and God’s plan for me became clear.  I started H.O.M.E. and set up the orphans with families in the United States to sponsor their education at a private Christian school.  During the summer of 2009 I spent three months teaching English at the orphanage and sharing God’s love. 

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