Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sarah Koscielniak’s Story

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I have been to Honduras through LLFC two times before this summer, and I had such an impact on my heart that it led me to go to Concordia University, St. Paul, to become a Director of Christian Outreach (I am currently designing my own major with Christian Outreach and Intercultural-Communication, but it's about the same concept).  So I was pretty plugged in with the missions of LLFC even though I was in MN.  I heard about Stacey going to the orphanage and quite a few people approached me during Thanksgiving break last year to prayerfully consider going down with her to help at the orphanage.  I almost didn't want to go.  I thought, been there-done that, for two years now.  Yet, God tugged on my heart and tore down my pride, and I can never thank Him ENOUGH for leading me to go! He blessed me in all I did down there, even though my Spanish was atrocious and I've never had teaching practice with kids.

These boys challenged me, stretched me ad left me with many new insights about myself and my relationship with God and others.  God worked through mornings where I would be sipping on delicious Honduran coffee and reading the Bible and the boys walking through and stopping to ask questions about why I was reading the Bible for fun.  He blessed us in times of going on adventures through the mountains in His creation, enjoying all that He had made for us! He worked through classes with Adolfo when his eyes would light up when he understood one of the concepts, or when he got the puzzle right on his first try.  God was present when Josue would march up to me with Adolfo next to him, demandin
g I give Adolfo a sucker too, and vise versa.  There are so many memories I am left with, that just SHOUT God's love and grace and mercy.  There were many times the boys showed me that forgiveness, and many times I had to show them.   They became my brothers.  I keep their pictures in my room, call them once or twice a month, and pray for them constantly.  Each has their own story, their own hardships, their own little quirks.  I only wish that Spanish wouldn't have been such a barrier to getting to know them on an even deeper level.  This has helped me enormously in my quest to make my own major where I hope to work on breaking down barriers such as language and culture in order to share God's love! God is good.

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