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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Victory Achieved, But Not Fully Realized

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Ever feel like you're repeatedly fighting the same battles with bad habits and temptation? In Christ we are already saved! It's a done deal.
But, it's also being worked out in our lives day by day. We are being saved through Christ. And sometimes it may feel like three steps forward and two steps back - or even four steps back!
This Sunday we continue our message series, Engage in Spiritual Battle, with the message "Victory Achieved, But Not Fully Realized" based on Judges 2:6-23 and Ruth 1:1-18.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

What About the Violence of the Conquest?

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"What about the Violence of the Conquest?" This is a big, hard question many people wrestle with today.
There's a lot of disturbing warfare and bloodshed in the Old Testament. In the midst of it God often looks like a Warrior God intent on violently defeating those who oppose Him.
What should we make of this as followers of Jesus? And how does this affect our picture of who God is?
We will tackle this question on Sunday as we begin a new message series titled, "Engage in Spiritual Battle." Our Scripture readings are from Joshua 1:1-10; 5:13-15; and Matthew 5:43-48.


Sunday, November 04, 2018

Going Home

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This Sunday, we welcome Gary Core as our guest preacher.
He will continue Pastor Chris' sermon series in Deuteronomy, with the message, "Going Home".


We are at war. I'm not talking about a physical battle with troops and tanks.
We're in a spiritual battle in which our hearts and minds - and those of the upcoming generation - are at stake as the ungodly spiritual influences of our culture seek to distract and tear us away from our identity as God's holy people. ust as Martin Luther was used by God to reform the church of his day with the truth of God's Word, so a similar reformation is needed today.
This Sunday our message is titled, "Pass on the Liberating Truth of God's Word to the Next Generation" based Deuteronomy 6:1-12.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

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"Trust me," the heavenly Father says to us. We're like a scared little boy encouraged by his Dad in a swimming pool to jump down into his outstretched arms.
He promises to catch us. Will we trust the promises of our heavenly Father and jump into His arms by faith or will we be paralyzed by fear?
This Sunday we continue our series, Living in God's Presence as His Holy People, with the message, "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight" based on Numbers 13 -14. 


Sunday, October 07, 2018

The Ten Commandments

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"Don't judge or impose your morality on me."
With words like these, so many think there's no absolute moral standard. Until they get hurt. Then they want to impose their own morality on others.
In reality, only God can determine what is essentially right and wrong. And He has communicated this to us in His Law to guide our lives.
This Sunday we begin a new series, Living in God's Presence as His Holy People, with our message titled "The Ten Commandments" based on Exodus 19:1-8; 20:1-21.


With all the glorious promises God gives us in Christ, we may struggle with why we don't see our lives transformed more quickly. Or we may struggle with why God hasn't yet broken through the spiritual blindness of people we know with the light of knowing Jesus.
Not to mention seeing the world around us and questioning how God is at work.
Our message this Sunday is titled, "Stay Calm, God's Rescue Operation is in Progress" based on Exodus 14.


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