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Lakeshore Lutheran Fellowship is committed to GROWING people in Christ and GOING to the ends of the earth by supporting the following partners. Our partnerships with several of these organizations began with a single step of faith into the unknown and ended up connecting the human heart with a purpose greater than themselves. We encourage YOU to take same leap of faith and run after a life of great adventure through joining us on one of our many GLOBAL AND LOCAL OUTREACH ADVENTURES.  Your heart will be glad you did.

Union Micro Finanza-Aldea Development

Unión MicroFinanza Inc. is a Michigan-based company providing financial services to residents of the La Unión municipality in Lempira, Honduras.  Our mission is to improve the economic capacity of impoverished rural communities by developing and applying the most advanced procedures and technology in microfinance.  UMF will initially use several lending models, and will evaluate the merits of each in order to develop the best model for the La Unión region.  The basis of much of this analysis will be the data collected through network analysis research, which will be able to make lending processes more efficient.

Aldea Coffee complements our microfinance program by giving our clients, and many other high-quality coffee producers in La Unión, an incentive to improve the quality of their product, which they do with our microloans.

The biggest problem in La Unión was that producers had no available market to sell high-quality coffee for a fair price. This resulted in bad coffee and low wages for producers. We provide microfinance to enable the production of high-quality coffee, whose producers then have the opportunity to sell to us for a fair price, thus earning higher wages.

Furthermore, profits from the sale of Aldea Coffee in the United States directly fund our microfinance program!

 Go to the Aldea Coffee website to learn more about it, and of course, to buy high-quality coffee!


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